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Removing foreign matters from ac line.

yorled on Wed October 17, 2012 9:16 PM User is offline

Year: 97
Make: toyota
Model: corolla
Engine Size: 1600
Refrigerant Type: 134 a
Ambient Temp: 84
Pressure Low: 34 psi
Pressure High: 145 psi
Country of Origin: Japan

What can one do to know whether or not the entrance to the evaporator of this car ac is blocked ? I recently applied a little silicone to two separate areas on the ac line after removing a part for repair.
There is absolutely no cooling what so ever not even intermittent. So i am wondering whether or not a piece of the silicone has been accidentally fell off in the tubing,if so,how can one retrieve same from the system?

ezautoac on Thu October 18, 2012 8:20 PM User is offline

based on the pressure of the low side I don't know if i can see a blockage causing that. Give a step by step of how you did the original repairs and why. maybe It can narrow down the problem.

Z2TT on Fri February 22, 2013 5:43 PM User is offline

It depends where the high side service port is, it could be reading the pressure before the blockage which would not be TOO low perhaps. For example if he had a restricted R/D and his High Pressure side port is before the RD
you would not read the low pressure after the restriction.

You put Silicon on the outside of the tube? How big was the hole you were trying to seal? By the way if you did this it is not an effective way of sealing the leak, perhaps it can slow it down a bit.

How much refrigerant did you put into the system?

To check for restrictions feel around the high side, an area that gets much colder after being warm, e.g a very rapid change of temperature indicates a restriction.

Is the Discharge line from the compressor hot to the touch or only a little warm?

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