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Low Suction, High Discharge, at wits end

71GTO on Sun May 20, 2012 3:40 PM User is offline

Year: 1971
Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Engine Size: 455
Refrigerant Type: 134a
Ambient Temp: 80
Pressure Low: 22
Pressure High: 400
Country of Origin: United States

I have very little experience and I can't find anyone locally to work on my stuff so here we go. It's in a 71 GTO but the only thing original is the evaporator. I have the new POA update with the cycle switch, new expansion valve, rebuilt sanden 508, universal condenser 14-1/4 in x 25 in, and a hose and drier kit from Southern The condenser is mounted about three inches infront of the radiator with a transmission cooler in front of the condenser. Along with a 18" puller fan behind the radiator, I have 2 10" pusher fans. One directly on the transmission cooler and one on the condenser. I put 8 oz. of PAG 100 in, pulled a vacuum for a couple of hours. Made sure there wasn't a leak for a couple of hours and tried filling with 134a. Before emptying even one can the low climbs to low 20 but the high side starts climbing up to 350, 400. I shut it down at this point. I thought it might be my evaporator since it is the only thing that is not new. I took it out and flushed it and made it and it's liquid bleed line were clear. When I took it out, it had alot of oil in it. I do wish I had measure how much was in there. While I had it apart, I blew air through the condenser, drier, expansion valve, and line to make sure they weren't plugged. Dumped out the compressor and put in approx. 4 ounces in it so it was the right level on the dipstick. Pulled another vacuum, started charging with the same symptoms. I sprayed cold water on the condenser with no high side change.
Please Help. The only thing I can this of is to replace the drier and try again before I give on A/C in this car.

ps. the drier I have now doesn't have a sight glass.

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