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Photo I Found of Classic V-5 Clutch Drag

GM Tech on Thu February 28, 2008 4:07 PM User is offline

I switched to a new laptop yesterday- a Dell Latitude- They pass them out to us at work-- anyway I found this photo in the meantime- which may help others searching for why their V-5 compressor makes noise--- if this is what it looks like, then you have the Clutch Drag Noise-- I'm sure I have a video of the noise somewhere as well- it may be on my home desktop-- i'll look tonight- and add it if I find it--

here is the cut and paste description from previous posts...

This sounds like classic v-5 clutch drag- the air gap has tightened and needs to be adjusted back to .020" . I have answered this several times- and usually see about 1 a week during the hot season. The noise is a scrapping/rattle only with a/c off- should see signs of metal shavings about the clutch hub. The fix is to borrow the installer/removal tool from autozone and back off the air gap a tad. This can be done on car, without removing compressor or refrigerant, and can even be done without removing the shaft nut since the nut does not bottom on the clutch drive. Pull back the plastic cover in wheel well to access...

And here is the photo with the metal shavings clinging to the clutch:

The number one A/C diagnostic tool there is- is to know how much refrigerant is in the system- this can only be done by recovering and weighing the refrigerant!!
Just a thought.... 65% of A/C failures in my 3200 car diagnostic database (GM vehicles) are due to loss of refrigerant due to a leak......

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