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Auto A/C Tip 11

TRB on Thu June 08, 2006 12:49 AM User is offlineView users profile

Things to do and look for when draining oil from a compressor... 1) At what ambient was the comp drained at? Hot = more drained oil, Cold = slow/ less oil. 2) Were the ports / caps removed to prevent a vacuum? 3) Was the oil drained and measured from the cylinder head as well as the compressor body? 4) Please remember that depending on the temp at time of draining that aprox 1/2+ oz will remain in the compressor. 5) When the compressor was drained was the compressor crank turned or rotated? 6) How long was the compressor drained?

Did you know?
Some new compressors can leave the factory without an oil charge but checks and balances in most manufacturer's processes at several different stations that check precise weights of individual and pallet compressors and electronic monitors at the filling station make it hard to pass through. To be on the safe side always check your new compressor for oil.


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