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Grand Cherokee & Grand Wagoneer A/C Evaporator Drain Blockage

TRB on Sat August 07, 2004 7:25 PM User is offlineView users profile

A/C Evaporator Drain Blockage – Procedure
Technical Service Bulletin

Date: June 28, 1996
Reference Number 24-06-96

1993-96 Jeep (ZJ) Grand Cherokee & Grand Wagoneer

Symptom & Condition

Debris may collect in the evaporator drain tube area causing blockage of the tube. This can lead to water leaking from the heater housing, water sloshing around in the housing and odor from decayed organic debris. Bulletin provides instructions to gain access to the drain tube for clearing foreign matter from tube without the removal of the heater A/C housing.


Operate system in A/C mode and verify that water is draining from the system. The water drains into the frame rail and exits in the center of the vehicle. If no water is present the systems ability to drain properly could be blocked.

Parts Required

Description OEM Part NumberQuantity
Plug5255217 1

Repair Procedure

Bulletin involves drilling a small ¼” hole in the A/C evaporator drain tube to allow access for proper cleaning. Drain tube can be found under floor mat and insulation on the inside passenger side below the glove box area. See Image for location

After drilling ¼” hole in drain tube use a wire or suitable tube to remove any debris clogging the drain tubes passage. After cleaning out this passage insert the plug (P/N 5255217) into the ¼” hole.

Verify that drain is now clear by operating the A/C system checking for water dripping as explained above.

Image supplied by "CHICK" and his little friends!


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