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Which mineral oil to use with E6DH R12 compressor

Annaleigh on Tue March 29, 2016 8:00 AM User is offline

Year: 1988
Make: Ford
Model: E150
Engine Size: 302
Refrigerant Type: R12
Ambient Temp: NA
Pressure Low: NA
Pressure High: NA
Country of Origin: United States

We have a brand new Ford E6DH compressor (I believe it is also known as FS6 style). The Ford service manual for the 88 e150 says to use YN-2 paraffin oil with a viscosity of 500. I have not been able to locate any of the YN2 oil.
F73Z-19577-AA (Motorcraft YN-9-A) is the oil that Ford updated to for R12 systems and can still be bought. It too is a paraffin oil but I believe the viscosity may be only 300.
I could find very little reference to either of the oils ford recommends, here is one.
(Quart); FX15, FS-6 (after 1/88) YN-9, 10P15, 10P17, E73Z-19577-A . If you notice it states "after 1/88", My van was built in 87 and sold as a 88.

Here is a second reference I found to the Ford YN-9-A oil when using an alternative refrigerant:
Oil should be changed to about a 300 viscosity mineral oil, such as Ford
Part # YN9. Some R-134a compressors are too "tight" for the usual 525 viscosity oil and will immediately fail.,, I dont think this wold apply as my compressor is a E6DH compressor deigned for R12

Here is the last reference I found and it pertains to a 1972 Volvo restoration.
We used Ford YN9 light mineral oil, a viscosity 300 mineral oil mentioned in several pages we found. In hindsight, I believe we could have used the standard viscosity 500 or 525 mineral oil with this compressor without a problem.

We bought a Qt of mineral form NAPA but after researching it, we came up with: "One Quart Plastic Bottle. SUS 500 Wax Free Lubricant" So of I understand correctly, that would be non paraffin oil, or can you have wax free paraffin oil? Ford recommends paraffin.
According to NAPA's buyers guide this oil is for , Ford Truck-E150 1/2 Ton Econoline - Van-1975 - 1993

We also have a qt of the Ford YN-9-A oil on hand..
Every part on this system is being replaced with new parts so we wanted to make sure we have the correct mineral oil the first time around and not find ourselves replacing a compressor for many years..


mk378 on Tue March 29, 2016 10:47 AM User is offline

The word "paraffinic" merely refers to straight-chain hydrocarbons refined from crude, i.e. a mineral oil. Smaller straight chain molecules are liquid at normal temperatures but larger ones tend to solidify into wax. A lubricating oil product is refined to have the proper molecule sizes for the desired viscosity.

Annaleigh on Thu April 07, 2016 7:45 AM User is offline

Just to follow up here, we received the second e6dh compressor today and it came with a tag that states to use Motorcraft YN-9-A, F73Z-19577-AA, Paraffinic mineral oil for R12. So even though the ford service calls for YN-2, the compressor warranty would be voided unless you use YN-9-A

Smithsonite on Thu April 07, 2016 4:37 PM User is offline

Good to know.

Wonder what the viscosity of that stuff is? I'm sure FoMoCo doesn't like that info getting out there, because then you could use something 70% cheaper ...

Annaleigh on Sat April 09, 2016 11:40 PM User is offline

Honestly, I don’t know.. I did read several articles that said it was 300 viscosity.
I still don’t have this all worked out either... WEll, I might have. The more research on this I do, the more confused I get!
SO I read the tag again and don’t know where I came up with the YN-9-A oil from.. The Tag says YN-9
YN-9 = E73Z-19577-A
YN-9-A = F73Z-19577-AA
But a TSB Article No. 98-12-5 PUBLICATION DATE: June 22, 1998
Air Conditioning - Filtering Refrigerant After A/C Compressor Replacement - Service Tips

So I am going to go with the YN-9-A and assume the TSB would be the one to follow..

If you want to get more confused, look up YN-9 on Ebay where they are selling it is a PAG oil and the bottle doesn’t state Paraffinic mineral oil like the YN-9-A bottle does!

But the TSB does apply to 1980-98 Econoline and and many other models of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury.

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