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1992 Prevost Class A Coach with bad ac compressor on Mon August 10, 2015 5:13 PM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 1992
Make: United Technologies
Model: part# 6802-274-6
Refrigerant Type: r12
Country of Origin: United States

Hello, I own a 1992 Prevost Liberty 40' coach with a bad AC compressor which is a United Technologies Carrier Transicold, part # 6802-274-6

I would like to refurbish or buy a refurbished one. Any ideas on how to proceed with this search??

Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson
(713) 516-1461

Dougflas on Mon August 10, 2015 9:45 PM User is offline

you might try calling and see if they can help.

bohica2xo on Tue August 11, 2015 10:50 AM User is offline

That is an 80,000+ btu system in that coach. There are reman compressors available from Prevost

Sorry that link needs a password. Here is an image

All of the contact numbers are on there. Liberty makes a nice coach.

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Toddc72 on Fri August 14, 2015 12:44 AM User is offline

We did ours last year in a 1990 Prevost from Marathon. Take it somewhere and have them do it. If going the full conversion like we did to r-134. You will need to be pulling compartments, storage tanks and cutting holes to get to some of the fittings that are buried behind panels. The best thing is to buy the hoses from Prevost or whoever made the conversion to the bus chassis. Marathon did ours. All parts were just ordered from them without trying to figure everything out on the conversion to R-134. The hoses line up perfect and there is no room to screw the measurements up on those. They have to fit EXACTLY in the spots. This was an over the road system. Some systems only cooled the driver only. Ours does the whole bus and is a monster of a compressor.

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