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My A/C rules! Thanks to this forum, &

jsmitty on Sun July 19, 2015 8:00 PM User is offline

Year: 1986
Make: Mercury
Model: Grand Marquis
Engine Size: 302
Refrigerant Type: R-12
Ambient Temp: 71
Pressure Low: 35
Pressure High: 150
Country of Origin: United States

Just wanted to thank Tim and everyone here for their help over the years, and for the purpose of this thread, with the car listed above. Bought most of my parts at, and got 100% of my questions answered here on this forum!

The entire system from front to back was replaced with new. Went with mineral oil and R-12 on the advise of everyone here - glad I did!

Just had it out & about with the wifey today at 86°, 76% humidity with a 76° dewpoint - tropically muggy, sticky, HOT! Had the A/C on low the entire time too, except for when we got into the car after it sat in the sun 15 minutes or so. Vent temps are in the low-mid 40's at idle or when driving - it never changes! Pretty impressive. Using alternative refrigerants (Freeze 12 & Envirosafe) prior, it never cooled well at all when stopped. VERY happy! My wife was freezing - she closed the far right vent and aimed both centers at me ... HAHAHA!

It actually seems slightly overcharged according to the performance and pressures at the 71° it was the day I charged it (by that time the temp was dropping too, so that may be why). My scale is a cheap POS - it's usually under weight a few ounces when I mail packages, so I charged about 3lbs. 2oz. according to the scale. I had pretty much the same vent temps at idle or driving - between 42° & 48°. Truth be told, I expected upper 30's, but I just left it be, since it's performing well. Outlet is cooler than inlet of evap, so it's all good.

Today the entire suction line all the way to the compressor was soaked. I left a river of condensate wherever I parked. Can't ask for any better than that this time of year up here!


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