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1998 GM AC Delco 15-6958 Condenser doesn't fit..

1wheeler1 on Wed July 15, 2015 6:07 PM User is offlineView users profile

This post is regarding installing a new AC Delco 15-6958 condenser in a 1998 Suburban K1500 but probably applies to a lot of GM models.

So last night I'm deep into my AC repair and go to install the new AC Delco 15-6958 condenser and come to find it won't fit into the original rubber mounts. The new condenser has round style "tank" ends at each corner and the old condenser has rectangle ends. I figured I had accidently ordered the wrong one so called the GM dealer today and found out it is the correct condenser but there's a footnote that some models require new rubber insulators.

GM Original Equipment
A/C Man Cont(C60); EXCEPT POLICE package(Z56); USE TOGETHER WITH 52480249,2, INSULATOR AND 52480250,2, INSULATOR WHEN REPLACING 52471231

So I think well no big deal I'll get the new insulators but then parts guy tells me GM has discontinued them with no replacement and he doesn't show them in stock anywhere. So I get the part#'s from him and call around and look on the Internet and can't find them anywhere. I call the parts guy with my dilemma and he tells me about a place they use called Vintage Parts ( and says they buy old inventory and show 200 in stock so I bite the bullet and order with expedited shipping.

So for anyone who wants to use the AC Delco 15-6958 replacement condenser certain years/models also require two-52480249 and two-52480250 insulators that are no longer available from GM. I'm guessing these could be sourced from a different year/model at the junkyard but didn't have time to check.

I think my old condenser was a sepentine style at 1.5" thick and the new one is a parallel flow at 5/8" thick.

Hopefully this will prevent someone else from running into the same problem. If I would have know I would've used an aftermarket brand that fits instead of the AC Delco.

Also this model doesn't have an orifice installed and doesn't look like one could be installed (I have rear air so mine is in-line below passenger battery).


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