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2005 Ford Freestyle AC problem

kevhenn54 on Mon July 13, 2015 7:18 PM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 2005
Make: Ford
Model: Freestyle
Engine Size: 3.0
Refrigerant Type: R134
Ambient Temp: 100
Pressure Low: 45
Pressure High: 275
Country of Origin: United States

There were a few Freestyle posts several years ago. I learned a lot from them. Maybe some folks can help me.

My first Post; Hope you guys can help.

2005 Freestyle SEL with 188500 miles in good condition. AC Compressor started making grinding noise when the AC Compressor engaged, I determined the noise and problem was internal and replaced the Compressor with a new UAC unit. The noisy compressor was working fine and cooling great. The only other issue was the blend door and I had the part to replace. When replacing the unit I made a mistake; I did not remove the oil from the new unit and added 5 oz of oil. The system likely has 3/4 ounces extra oil. After replacing Comp I had the system evacuated and charged. The unit was blowing cool air and drivers side was cooler than passenger.

I removed the blend door and followed the procedures to reset the new actuator and re installed. I then went to an AC specialist and recycled and evacuated the system for nearly an hour. About 2oz of oil came out, we had no leaks and refilled with 2lbs 4.8 ounces (spec calls for 2lbs 6 ounces). The system was cooling much better. The high reading was 275/300 and the low 45. I drove the car 10 miles home. I then tested the air temp from the AC vents. I was getting the following temps:
85 ambient temp 750 rpm 52, 1500 51, 2000 50, 2500 49, 3000 49 degrees. The system seems to be working and cooling OK. My questions are:

Are these temps OK or normal?

How might I get lower temps? Remove another 2 ounces of oil from system?

I tried water on the condenser and no real change but it was a little dirty. The minimal difference in temps from 750 to 3000 rpm tells me the scroll valve is OK. Should I consider replacing the Expansion Valve on the firewall? Could this be preventing me from getting air temps in the 40's???

Add 2 ounces of Freon? I am a tiny bit low 1 1/2 ounces. Is this worth the effort?

Should I just leave we enough alone. The AC mechanic says this is Good for this car, is he right???

Appreciate any comments, Thanks

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