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Murray Compressor

tina362436 on Mon December 29, 2014 11:24 PM User is offline

Year: 2006
Make: Dodge
Model: Charger
Engine Size: v6
Refrigerant Type: r134a
Country of Origin: United States

Instructions from Murray installations procedures say to, DO NOT DRAIN oil from compressor. "In all cases, add the correct type and amount of lubricant..." I am not able to check amount of oil in the old compressor because it locked up. I replaced the condenser and accumulator/dryer. The compressor is new, not rebuilt. Just for grins I checked the amount of oil in the new compressor and it was 3.5 ounces. How much oil should I add?

Dougflas on Tue December 30, 2014 4:20 AM User is offline

Look up the capacity of your system. Are you planning to flush the system? If so, you will need to put the full oil charge back in. If not flushing, it is really a guess how much is still in the system. Since all you have left of the original components are the hoses and evap, why not flush the system and know for sure?

tina362436 on Tue December 30, 2014 9:43 AM User is offline

Thanks for the response. I searched my service manual in the Cooling and Heating section and it does not contain that information. I do not know if Alldata will have that info either.

mk378 on Tue December 30, 2014 10:08 AM User is offline

You've replaced all the major parts except the evaporator. Evaporator might have an oz or two of oil in it max. So use close to the full system capacity. Very strange that the service manual wouldn't tell you the oil amount. Sometimes it is on the hood sticker that says the refrigerant amount.

HECAT on Tue December 30, 2014 4:04 PM User is offline

Murray instructions say...

"A Clean A/C System is Imperative: When a compressor fails, tiny internal particles mix with oil and spread throughout the entire system. This contaminated oil, as well as moisture and other corrosives must be removed to avoid premature failure of the replacement compressor. Clean the entire system thoroughly with an effective cleaning agent and/or replace contaminated parts. Air alone does not remove contaminants. Two methods used today are effective in removing oil and contaminants: (1) liquid cleaning with an affective cleaning agent and (2) closed loop power cleaning using a refrigerant.

Lubrication: The only moving component in the A/C system is the compressor, and adequate lubrication is critical. If oil or refrigerant charges are incorrect, internal damage to the compressor will occur! If uncertain about the proper lubricant type or amount, refer to the Murray Temp Control Web Catalog, the Capacities Guide, the under hood decal, or an O.E. service manual. To assure compressor lubrication, install half the required system oil in the suction side. This may require turning the compressor shaft as the oil is installed. The remaining amount of required system oil should be installed in the accumulator or low side of the system. To insure that the front seal is lubricated and does not leak, after the oil is installed, the compressor must be placed or held with the
front seal down for 1 to 3 minutes, to allow oil to coat the seal. If this seal is not lubricated before installation refrigerant may leak.

REMEMBER!!!:Compressors are shipped with assembly lube or Compressor Shield. DO NOT DRAIN. Add the correct type and amount of lubricant per specific system specifications."

...So Murray/4S does not want you to drain the ICE32 pre-lube from the compressor; but they do want you to clean the system and install the full load of fresh oil.


HECAT: You support the Forum when you consider for your a/c parts.


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