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cost to put ac in a 1962 ford thunderbird that never had ac

bright41 on Thu January 30, 2014 2:01 AM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 1962
Make: ford
Model: thunderbird
Engine Size: 390
Refrigerant Type: r-134a
Ambient Temp: no ac
Pressure Low: no ac
Pressure High: no ac
Country of Origin: United States

was wondering what would it cost to put a complete ac system in my bird

NickD on Sun February 23, 2014 6:33 AM User is offline

Did one of these on a 1965 vehicle, but was in 1965 and a kit was available. Was a major job on a different vehicle, even with the kit.

But a darn good question on where to find a kit on a 1962 when the calendar says its 2014! This is 52 years ago! Would Tim have such a kit?

One way is to locate a vehicle that already has one, one key advantage is that brass and copper was used back then and may be repairable and swipe parts out of it.

Another advantage we have today is having the internet. Ha, tried to restore a then 42 year old car 42 years ago and was a nightmare trying to find parts. Had to plow through thousands of ads in Hemmings, write letters, send a check and wait several weeks only to be very disappointed as to what came in. Swap meets was pure luck.

Ha, Jay Leno may help you, seems to have the resources, certainly has the money.

Every once in awhile watch programs like Fast n' Loud, County Cars, or American Restoration that claim to make a living restoring this old stuff. But never get into details about finding this old stuff. One thing they are good at, is finding suckers to pay a fortune for this old stuff, feel this is more fiction than fact. Ha, wondered if the guys that were suckered watch these programs. Certainly have enough reruns of these programs.

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