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Leaking Rear Seal on New Delco A6 Compressor?

philoprof on Sun July 14, 2013 8:55 AM User is offline

Year: 1981
Make: Mercedes
Model: 380sl
Engine Size: 380
Refrigerant Type: R134
Ambient Temp: 90

A couple of weeks ago, I replaced the 30-year old A6 compressor on my 1981 MB 380sl with a new, AC Delco A-6 that I bought on Amazon, and yesterday I noticed green dye on my garage floor. So, I got under the car, and sure enough, the compressor's rear seal was leaking. However, the AC is still cold, and the low side pressure seems to be right about where it was two weeks ago.

As I'd hate to have to do the job over again, I was wondering if there's any possibility that some oil leakage from that seal could be normal on a new compressor, or that particular one. Also I was wondering whether you can have oil leaking from that seal without it affecting the system's cooling ability.
If not, what would you guys recommend that I do.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

philoprof on Fri June 19, 2015 6:16 AM User is offline

I was wondering if someone here could tell me where I can find a reliable A6 compressor for an older Mercedes.

I'm asking because the brand new ACDelco 15-2225 I bought in 2012 from Amazon leaked 134 from the front and rear seals soon after I put it in, even though I followed their installation instructions to a T. So, Amazon graciously replaced it with another one that also leaked soon after I installed it. And they replaced that one, too.

Well, I used the last one sparingly last year, but it, too, just started leaking soon after I turned it on a few days ago. They're obviously defective — as another person reported in the latest review on Amazon's website soon after the same compressor started leaking when he began using it:

"Purchased this compressor in August 2013... but it wasn't installed until November (because I was overseas with US Air Force). Now, less than 8 months later --- the compressor is leaking at the seal and needs to be replaced. Aren't these devices supposed to last much longer than just 9 months? I have only used the AC for a max of 4-5 hours since it was installed!!!"

I was getting ready to buy a new one from Compressorworks because I had heard some good things about those. But that one looked identical to the ACDelco one, evidently because Compressorworks makes compressors for ACDelco as well as 4 Seasons, which I've heard are garbage. And I'd hate to install another one of the same compressors again

Apparently neither Sanden nor Denso makes an A6. So my only other option may be to find someone who can rebuild the 30-year old ACDelco compressor that I still have. I only replaced it because the clutch bearing and/or maybe other bearings were very noisy, and I wanted to avoid the "Black Death." But now I wish I hadn't.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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