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'96 Sebring convertible is cooking this fat boy

Imprl59 on Fri June 21, 2013 12:34 AM User is offline

Year: 1996
Make: Chrysler
Model: Sebring Convertible
Engine Size: 2.5L
Refrigerant Type: 134a
Ambient Temp: 90
Pressure Low: 30
Pressure High: 300
Country of Origin: United States

So my daily driver got totaled (again) last week which leaves me to drive my sabring convertible until something happens. This car hasn't had a/c, or been driven much, for about two years but I wasn't overly worried as it was pretty much just my occasional beach buggy. Now having to drive all day in central FL A/C is necessary.

Lack of time and tools convinced me to take it to the shop to have it fixed. So far I've spent $750 to get cool air..
I replaced the condenser. They replaced the compressor (their part) and the dryer and expansion valve (my parts). Told me to come and get it. Air wasn't even cool. Took the car back and left it. They said the new compressor failed and replaced it again. Then low pressure hose blew out while charging. I picked the car up Tuesday and now the air is cool but nowhere near what it should be.

With the car at 2K rpm low side pulls down to 30 and high side is between 275 and 300. Outside temp is 90 Vent temp is 60. Low pressure line is sweating all the way back to the compressor. Airflow inside is great. Today I started the day with 45 degree vent temp at about 80 outside with cloud cover. By noon it was up to 85 outside and my vent temp was up to 60. Mid afternoon was up to 92 and vent temp was up to 75.

My initial thought was blockage since the high pressure is so high but then I don't understand why the low pressure hose is sweating so much with the high vent temps.
The shops answer is "leaves on the evaporator" which would be fairly shocking to me as there really aren't that many trees growing in my garage. The air in this car used to freeze you out on 2nd speed in the middle of July.... I'm out of money.. I can't pay them to play with it any more and I can't show up to appointments drenched and stinky. Your advice greatly appreciated.

Dougflas on Fri June 21, 2013 5:41 AM User is offline

I would check and see if the heater is giving you a reheat problem. Clamp off the heater hoses and see if it cools better. Also, try misting the condenser with water and see if the high side drops like a rock. If so, start looking at an airflow problem across the condenser. You could also measure them temp of the lines of the condenser input and output. This is all assuming the charge is correct.

mk378 on Fri June 21, 2013 9:57 AM User is offline

After multiple compressor replacements you're likely to have too much oil in the system. That impairs cooling and pushes up the high side.

I agree, if the line is cold the air should be cold too. Check for reheating like Dougflas said. You may be able to inspect the evaporator coil by removing the blower motor.

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