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NickD on Sun March 17, 2013 11:07 AM User is offline

Clutch failure problems, the coil, magnetic force is the product of the amperes times the number of turns. If a short causes just 10% of the turns, the current would only go up by 10%, the the number of turns shorted out is a much greater number reducing the magnetic force to cause clutch slippage. Always test the field current, let it heat up for about 15 minutes and expect that current to decrease due to the hotter coil.

Poor grounds, dirty ignition, relay, connector problems also can reduce that magnetic force resulting in clutch slippage. Can add an improperly adjusted gap to this equation. Rust clutch springs or even these worse rubberized units where the rubber gets dried out is another source of problems.

These are outside of the compressor itself, other major causes is a leak that also can leak out oil. Guessing never works as to how much oil to add, system has to be flushed out and start from scratch to do it right. R-134a is far worse due to moisture in the system augmented with PAG. All leading to compressor drag resulting in clutch slippage.

Used to meet compressor rebuilders at these APRA shows, trying to get information from them, well, would be easier to learn how to build a nuclear bomb.

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