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Sanden SD7H15 (R134a ) Questions Please

540itouring on Sat November 10, 2012 2:51 PM User is offline

Year: 1994
Make: Jaguar
Model: XJS
Engine Size: 6.0L
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


I have a jaguar V12 fitted with a Sanden SD7H15 compressor of which after replacing the front O ring seal two years ago and is still working perfect . I always collect spares for my cars when i can and have just got two more sanden compressors of the same type (SD7H15 & Both 134a) but the front clutch and Cylinder head (back plate) are not the same . I would think as the main compressor body looks the same and same mountings that i would be able to swap the clutch (24v to 12V) coil and pulley and also swap the cylinder head ( back plate) as the hose connections are not the same. I would also replace the gaskets for the head / vavle plate as required.

Can any one confirm that because the two compressors are the same main type SD7H15 that the rest of the inside of the compressors are going to be the same ?

Also the cylinder / valve plate gaskets seam to be two types for R134a versions , i think it was B & C versions and wonder if you can tell what versions are required before removing heads ?

The compressors were cheap due to no longer required and 24volt clutch no use for cars .

Thank you very much for all your help with this in advance .

Edited: Sat November 10, 2012 at 2:54 PM by 540itouring

ice-n-tropics on Thu November 15, 2012 7:00 PM User is offline

The Japan built SD5H15 has small differences from USA built SD5H15. Performance is within 10%.
Some of the exotic car Japan built Sanden comps had expensive Viton elastomers which lasted forever w/ R12 but fail quickly w/ R-134a PAG. Ester oil is a little better w/ Viton.
Stick w/ R-12 or replace all A/C system elastomers on these cars.
Your Bimmer can be big expensive problem if the antifreeze leaks into the many A/C system vacuum motors.

Isentropic Efficiency=Ratio of Theoretical Compression Energy/Actual Energy. How To Air Condition Your Hot Rod

Edited: Thu November 15, 2012 at 7:04 PM by ice-n-tropics

NickD on Fri November 16, 2012 7:52 AM User is offline

Stick with R-12 in the UK? Can't even do that in Canada, can't even go to Canada anymore without a US passport or passcard.

ice-n-tropics on Fri November 16, 2012 5:54 PM User is offline

Thanks for the insight on UK & Canada.
Sir, also consider that other countries also are here w/ us and use old SD7H15s.

Isentropic Efficiency=Ratio of Theoretical Compression Energy/Actual Energy. How To Air Condition Your Hot Rod

Edited: Fri November 16, 2012 at 5:55 PM by ice-n-tropics

NickD on Sat November 17, 2012 8:05 AM User is offline

Ha, in the good old days with R-12, didn't have a vacuum pump? Didn't need one, R-12 was so cheap could just purge the system with R-12, seal it up, then top it off.

Back in the 70's doing government contracts, would accept our biodegradable PCB cleaning equipment even though all the critical resistance specifications and cleanliness specifications were met. Had to buy containers and containers of CFC's and blast each board into the atmosphere. Couldn't do that within the confines of our plant due to oxygen depletion, had to move this operation outdoors. Government was using 55% of CFC's, that kind of changed.

Nothing wrong with R-134a either after an 18 year learning period, in terms of performance, even out performs R-12, but far more critical in moisture prevention, far more care must be used. Along with both performance and compatibility issues. Or in other words, if stuck with an R-12 system, have to completely change it to an R-134a system. Just about the only component that can remain is the evaporator or in other words, a firewall forward complete conversion.

But now we are told, R-134a is not so environmentally friendly as it was suppose to be, so here we go again. Require all brand new equipment. People use to have brains using the same gauges for R-12 and R-22, but our government feels we don't have brains anymore. In a way, they are very correct, we were dumb enough to put them in power.

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