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Non A/C but A/C related question

Mulder on Thu July 26, 2012 6:38 PM User is offline

Year: 2000
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala
Engine Size: 3.4
Refrigerant Type: R134a

This isn't really an A/C problem but a problem related to fixing the A/C on my daughter's car.

A few weeks ago I fixed the A/C on her car and the next day she called because her battery light came on and the engine was making a strange noise.

I had replaced the compressor with a used compressor so I was worried that it had siezed and broke the belt. I told her to park it until I could come take a look. When I got there I popped the hood and the belt was fine. I started the car and the engine was running fine and no strange noises and no battery light. So I sent her on her way and I headed back to work.

About 5 minutes later she calls me and tells me the battery light is back on, as well as the strange noise, and now the tires squeal when she turns, the turn signals buzz, and it sprayed water everywhere. I assumed that the water everywhere meant that it overheated so I had her pull into a parking lot and drove back to take another look. What I found was that the water was all over the floor mats, and indeed the battery light was on, and when I drove around the parking lot there was a squealing sound but it was coming from inside the car and not the tires. I immediately knew that the drain tube for the evaporator was plugged. We turned off the air and I followed her home without anymore problems.

Then I cleared the drain hose and let it set to dry up the connections that I assumed were causing the battery light and buzzing blinkers. I also figured out that the squealing was water running into the blower fan when turning as it was full of water as well.

Well by the next day the battery light was off but the blinker problem remained. Hazards work fine but blinkers just buzz. Checked all the bulbs and they are fine. Searching the internet a common problem with these cars is the hazard switch component that also controls the blinkers. Sounded just like my problem so last night I replaced the hazard switch component but I still have the buzzing problem.

Do any of you have ideas where to look next? Since it happened at the same time as the water I'm assuming that they are related - hoping it's just a ground wire but I guess it's possible that some component got shorted out but I'm not sure how to go about testing.

brickmason on Thu July 26, 2012 7:28 PM User is offline

Try unhooking the battery connections ( to reset the computer codes) and let it dry out for several hours.

Be patient.
The pros will chime in eventually!

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