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New compressor for Chevy Prizm

doctorbee on Mon July 16, 2012 2:28 AM User is offline

Hello all, my Chevy Prizm's compressor is leaking at the belly and its only a matter of time before the system needs an overhaul. It uses a Delphi V5 compressor and I need help picking out a replacement.

My choices are:

1. Denso 471-9002 (about $300+ new but I do not know if I will need PAG 46 or PAG 150 oil since Densos usually use PAG 46 but GMs use PAG 150.) I like the reliability of Denso parts and am wondering if its just a V5 clone made in a different factory that's prone to the same problems as the V5.

2. ACDelco 15-21655 (about $220 for a remanufactured part that is painted)

Since it is painted it will be less prone to belly leaks per chick:

3. Delphi CS0077 (about $240 new but from the photos I'm looking at the case is unpainted)

Anyone have experience with any of these replacements?

Edited: Mon July 16, 2012 at 12:56 PM by doctorbee

ToyMR2 on Tue July 17, 2012 3:10 PM User is offline

Maybe because it's a Toyota based car it uses a Denso compressor like Toyotas of that era. I just bought what was labeled as a "rebuilt in Japan" Denso compressor and clutch assembly. What I revived was a brand new assembly with a sticker on it that says " JAPAN REMANUFACTURED ". It is absolutely identical to the original Nippondenso compressor and clutch on the car. And it seems to be completely brand new. At least the case parts and the clutch pulley and everything on the outside is new. A sticker says ND-OIL 6 and R-12. So it seems I received a brand new identical oem part down to the R-12 refrigerant. And it was priced very reasonably at a large auction website.

If you have one of the older cars that uses R-12, you should stick to R-12. Find a shop that uses R-12 and it should not be unreasonably expensive to charge the system. R-12 will work the best. Make sure the system is leak free and the R-12 will keep you cold for many years. R-12 is still available. It's $64 a can at NAPA. The price of R-12 has been coming down due to less demand and the price of R-134a has gone up quite a bit lately for some reason. If a shop tells you they can't get R-12 and it hasn't been available for years, you should find a better shop.

Cussboy on Tue July 17, 2012 8:16 PM User is offline

R-12 freon is way cheaper on Ebay than that you listed for NAPA.

ToyMR2 on Wed July 18, 2012 2:37 AM User is offline

Originally posted by: Cussboy
R-12 freon is way cheaper on Ebay than that you listed for NAPA.

I know it is, I'm just saying R-12 is available to anyone who needs it. Some shops don't use it and people should know they can still have their system charged with R-12.

doctorbee on Wed July 18, 2012 3:03 AM User is offline

Ah I forgot to mention the year. It's an 98-02 Chevy Prizm that uses R134

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