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Poor Cooling

Jim1941 on Wed September 21, 2011 1:14 AM User is offline

Year: 1987
Make: Toyota
Model: Pick-up
Engine Size: 2.4 l
Refrigerant Type: R12
Ambient Temp: 75
Pressure Low: 20psi
Pressure High: 160 psi
Country of Origin: United States

First thanks for any advice given.
My pickup was blowing about 60 degrees and I had high low side and low high side readings. So I believed the compressor was bad.
Bought a rebuild compresser and new expansion valve with a new filter dryer.
Flushed the system added mineral oil, pumped it down for 45 minutes and and charged till glass window was clear. But I am only getting down to 55-60 vents with 75 ambient.
I am using NAPA mineral oil (vis. 500) I drained the oil that came in the compressor and added about 1 oz of napa mineral oil. When I remove the hoses it seem like a lot of fommey oil comes out. it seems excessive. I wonder if I got too much oil.
What vent temp should I expect?
My sight glass look clear with no oil streaking.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

mk378 on Wed September 21, 2011 11:27 AM User is offline

Pressures look good, it should be cold. How cold is the low side line getting? Is the compressor cycling on and off? It's designed to cycle on evaporator temperature (when it gets to about 40 F), so there may be a problem with the sensor causing it to cut off prematurely. Or there is reheating from the heater core on the way to the vents.

Jim1941 on Wed September 21, 2011 8:55 PM User is offline

Thanks for the response MK. The compressor is cycling on low and med fan. I am now ordering new r12/22 gage set as mine are old and the low pressure gage needle is loose and moves around about 8 lbs and also I am trying to find 2 temp devices that read the same I have a pencil gage that I think is accurate my IR Digital is reading about 10 degrees lower but it is not compensated for reflection.
This Toyota is a Motor Home so I really want to get it working a cold as possible to help cool the coach.
Would upgrading the condenser to a parallel flow give me better/cooler temp?
The compressor I got called for nd-6 or nd-7 oil. I have used NAPA mineral oil but when I asked napa about the nd 6or7 they never heard of it called that and they recommend their mineral oil, Do any of you guys see any problem with the napa oil
I drained the oil our the compressor and added about 1 oz to mineral oil.
When I get the new gages I will post again. In the mean time I am changing battery in my IR digital and also looking for my multi meter temp probe.
I assume that the switch that is inside the evap is a pressure switch and not a temp switch?
Thanks for any commit or suggestions

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