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F250 conversion questions

sneakysnake on Thu August 25, 2011 9:47 AM User is offline

Year: 90
Make: Ford
Model: F250 4x4
Engine Size: 7.3
Refrigerant Type: R12 to R134a

Great forum here. Had a few questions about converting my diesel F250 to R134a.
I have replaced the condensor with a serpentine and flushed the evap very well on the bench. Flushed lines and replaced the filter/dryer and orifice plus new orings. Basically, everythingh on the system is either new or cleaned except for the compressor. I was going to flush the compressor with the instructions on this forum.
Here are my questions:
Can I use pag46 if I flush the compressor or should I just go with the BVA100 stuff they sell on ackits website? Is there an advantage to either? I really can't see ever converting back to R12 & Ford seems to recomend against the heavier oil in the system.
How much oil goes in this system and where do I add it?
The parts guy talked me into a variable orifice for severe climate,,, is this any good? I do spend alot of time in severe climates.
They sell R134a with "synthetic booster" at the local parts store and claim that it cools 18% better. Is this for real or just a wild claim?
Other than the new condensor and low pressure switch, is there any other components that I should change or add? I see an accumalator for this vehicle on the website but I don't have one on the existing system.
I need to put in an order to ackits and want to get everything all at once to save shipping so your help is greatly appreciated.

mk378 on Thu August 25, 2011 11:25 AM User is offline

Really the best refrigerant to put in R-12 vehicles is R-12. Always replace the accumulator as it is also a filter and drier. The variable orifice doesn't work. Use a stock fixed one, some conversions work better with the orifice one size smaller. Use plain R-134a no additives. Old trucks usually need a new fan clutch to get good A/C performance.

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