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Mastercool Accu-Charge II refrigerant scale

70monte on Tue August 02, 2011 9:26 PM User is offline

Country of Origin: United States

I just purchased this scale and had a question that the instructions were not clear about. I had a question about calibrating this scale. Does it need to be calibrated everytime you use it or do you just do it initially? Do you calibrate it with the actual tank of refrigerant or do just use anything?

On setting tank capacity, I assume you start with a new tank and weigh it to get a total weight and then subtract 30lbs for the full amount of refrigerant that is supposed to be in it to get the empty tank weight. Is my thinking correct on this? The instructions are not clear on doing this.

I have never used one of these scales so I kind of want to get an idea on how it works before I actually use it. Any other pointers on using this scale? Thanks.


Edited: Tue August 02, 2011 at 9:51 PM by 70monte

mk378 on Tue August 02, 2011 10:12 PM User is offline

It should arrive calibrated already and you don't have to redo it unless it's been knocked around a lot.

I use mine simply as a weighing device, pushing as few buttons as possible. I haven't tried using the built in calculations it has.

Mechanical setup: Take the scale out of the plastic case and set it on hard level ground next to the car you're going to charge. Adjust the legs if necessary until the level bubble is in the center and all the legs are touching the ground.

Push the power button and wait until the display shows zero.
Push the units button to get the units you want.
Connect your yellow hose to your cylinder and set the cylinder on the scale. The hose has to be attached to a support because if it moves around, it will put variable force on the cylinder and mess up the weight readings.
Push the tare button and the display will show zero again.
Open valves to start charging, again you can't move the yellow hose and pull on the cylinder. As refrigerant leaves the cylinder, the display will go negative in 0.5 oz increments. When it reaches the specified amount close the valves to stop charging.

If you just want to weigh an object (including yourself, but up to 240 lbs only) turn the power on and wait for a zero reading, press the tare button if it doesn't say zero. Then place the object on the scale and note the weight. When you buy a new 30 lb cylinder weigh it before using any and subtract 30 lbs from that reading, that is what it will weigh empty. Write that number on the cylinder and then you can weigh it any time to know how much is left.

Edited: Tue August 02, 2011 at 10:28 PM by mk378

70monte on Wed August 03, 2011 6:02 AM User is offline

Thank you, that is what I needed to know. I was wondering how people deal with the added weight of the charging hose.


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