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gauge reading ok but not getting cold

ohpoppy on Mon August 01, 2011 1:59 PM User is offline

Year: 82
Make: Chrysler
Model: Lebaron
Engine Size: 2.6
Refrigerant Type: r134
Ambient Temp: 90
Pressure Low: 45
Pressure High: 220
Country of Origin: United States

For 3 years on and off I'm trying to get it cold. 3 years ago all leaked out due to bad evaporator coil. Replaced coil, compresssor, dryer (2 times)..expansion valve (2 times). Flushed completely twice. Added correct oil and dye. Yesterday wasted a ton of R134 but it got slightly cold with high readings of 70 low 350 high (wasted much more in earlier years. Tried removing to normal ranges but got worse and couldn't achieve what I had again. I flushed out system with the hope to remove any air or moisture which is unlikely since I ran the 4cfm vacuum pump for over an hour priviously. Can't afford wasting all this freon so today I experimented with propane knowing it works ok and it's cheap. I'll replace it with freon after I find the solution. Now its at 45 low 220 high and warm at expansion valve and everywhere else. Compressor is engaged and all is correct but no cold. I have done all this successfully on 20 cars of my own over many years but I'm purplexed and reweady to wait till next year again. Thanks, Bob

mk378 on Mon August 01, 2011 6:08 PM User is offline

Have you ever considered charging it by weight based on the manufacturer's spec? You probably have a really lousy fan / condenser situation which leads you to severely undercharge.

I would not expect R-290 (aka propane) to work much at all in a TXV car. May do OK in a CCOT car, but its P/T characteristics in the evaporator are way different than R-12 or R-134a which the TXV is calibrated for.

Also you need to have the TXV installed properly with the temperature sensing bulb and equalizing line (if equipped) hooked up the right way. The sensing bulb must be well insulated from external heat.

Edited: Mon August 01, 2011 at 6:11 PM by mk378

ohpoppy on Mon August 01, 2011 9:51 PM User is offline

I have charged it by weight..and know the weight it takes (28oz of r134 and more of r12. I have another car like it which blows cool after I replaced the same parts and added 28 oz r134..1st try, too. I have the compressor jumped so it has been on. The cooling fan is electric so it does cool the condensor enough. I know I'm missing something here but what. Logic seems to suggest the numbers are right so the compressor is compressing the freon to a liquid...the expansion valve is new and was new so it should be limiting the flow to allow the freon to turn to gas and get cold. What am I missing???? Thanks for your feedback though

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