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small compressor for f-series?

drinkypoo on Sun July 24, 2011 1:00 AM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 1992
Make: Ford
Model: F-250
Engine Size: 7.3
Refrigerant Type: 12 -> 134a
Country of Origin: United States

I would like to mount a york with a sump where my compressor is now as a mobile air/vac source, and put a vastly smaller compressor but with the same output where my vac pump is now. I can make lines (at least in theory) and/or have lines made, ditto for brackets, so it seems feasible. I would need a pretty darned small compressor, though. Comments? Questions? Scorn? Anything? I can take measurements if needed, but it's hard to be precise so I'm just looking for suggestions of things to look at, whose dimensions I could possibly look up to see if they might fit.

Took a class, ASE certified, never worked in the trade, no real experience. So I have a clear idea of what to do to get where I want to go, but welcome any and all advice aside from "give up"

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300SD on Sun July 24, 2011 10:20 AM User is offline

I'm an AC noob but I just finished something similar. I put a sanden compressor on my MB. Kind of the same situation as yours, no factory brackets available, fitting something that doesn't belong etc.

I would say get your hands on some compressors first and see if it's feasible. Get a York with the base mounting plate and start working it out. The sanden 508 compressors seem to be popular with the aftermarket crowd and it's pretty small. Lots of different back plates for them which could be useful when nailing down hose routing.

I did a lot of looking on off-road and lowrider forums for bracket ideas. Both crowds seem to use either sanden or york compressors for on board air.

I actually got a sanden compressor and a york to sanden adapter kit and modified it quite a bit to mount my sanden compressor. It may be a useful starting point for you.

I'll see if I can find a link.

TRB on Sun July 24, 2011 11:50 AM User is offlineView users profile has both Sanden compressor and York to Sanden adapter plate. I do think you need to run an oil separator on this other wise you pump the oil out of the compressor.


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bohica2xo on Sun July 24, 2011 2:52 PM User is offline

Dealer installed A/C or factory air? One alternator or two?

Using a compressor as both a vac pump and an air compressor means it will need to run all the time, and will need some complicated plumbing.

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