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suspect bearing squeeling

paybus on Wed June 15, 2011 1:36 PM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 2005
Make: Chevy
Model: TrailBlazer

Have been dealing with this squealing noise for some time now. Took it into our mechanic suspecting it was something to do with the air conditioner as it didn't seem to be cooling like it should. He was positive the noise was coming from the alternator (most likely a bearing going out). Mechanic tops off the coolant system, my husband puts the alternator on. Everything is fine for several months........finally no noise! And the a/c is cold! Now we are faced with the same issue after replacing the alternator 3 times (under warranty). Still the same issue. Yesterday as temperatures were cooler & turned the air completely off on the drive home, absolutely no noise all the way home......about an hour drive. Could this possibly be a bearing in the compressor, condenser or something else completely in the a/c unit?????

Would love a peaceful, quiet drive as the squealing is very loud & annoying!!

Thanks for any suggestions

JJM on Wed June 15, 2011 8:59 PM User is offline

Why replace the whole alternator if just the bearings are bad? Was the alternator new, or remanufactured/rebuilt, and where was it purchased from.

It's possible the belt tensioner is weak and/or the belt is bad, if the squealing is the result of slippage. Could also be excessive discharge pressures, causing slippage - though the HPCO should be cutting the compressor if things get too out of hand - but we'd need some pressure readings to confirm. And of course, the compressor could be locking up.

If the noise is ONLY with the A/C on? And if so, does it happen as soon as the A/C is turned on, or does the A/C need to run for a while before the racket starts. I suppose the noise can't be all bad, at least folks will move outta your way!


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