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2001 Honda Civic not cooling well

Scout3 on Wed June 15, 2011 9:56 AM User is offline

Year: 2001
Make: Honda
Model: LX
Engine Size: 4 cyl
Refrigerant Type: 134a

Hello Forum members, I have a general type of question. I have had great success keeping my older cars a/c running great. My 94 Chevy truck will freeze you out. I have guages and vacuum and a servicing guide that lists most makes. I usually start with a totally empty system after a compressor change or something that required a total pump out and evac. I just got a 2001 Honda Civic that takes a long time to cool down. I believe it is just low on freon. Like I said I usually start with a completely empty system and add the required amount. This time I will be adding to a functioning system. I have not even checked the pressure yet but do I just monitor pressures and temps? How do I determine when I have added the optimum amount of freon? Do I watch the low side pressure and try to get it in the middle of specs or just barely in on the low side of the specs. I know once you add freon and get it perfect adding more will actually cause it to get warmer so I am trying to hit the happy spot. Any hints for this weekend would be appreciated.


mk378 on Wed June 15, 2011 11:16 AM User is offline

Check the stuff outside the refrigerant loop first. Common problems are inoperable condenser fans and reheating from the heater (water valve on the firewall not closing). Also make a visual check for any obvious leaks. Does the compressor cycle while driving? Does the suction line get cold? The system normally cycles on evaporator temperature, and abnormally cycles on high side pressure.

The high side is the thing to watch when trying to top up by pressure. When it increases abruptly you've flooded the condenser and it's overcharged. TXV systems have a couple ounces of leeway due to the reserve space in the receiver. Realize that it is a very small system, if it is undercharged you won't have to add much.

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