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Poor AC efficiency in hot summer months

Iceton on Wed June 15, 2011 8:33 AM User is offlineView users profile

Model: Viano
Ambient Temp: 45c +

Hi, Im getting a few brand new MB Vianos in my fleet here in UAE and the standard fitted a/c from the factory during the extreme heat here in the summer months ( can reach 53c with high humidity) does not provide enough cooling for passenger comfort. There is no solution from the manufacturer unfortunately, when the system is checked as per the operational requirements and tests its fine and during the normal months its acceptable. I need suggestions on the best way to improve the output and efficiency, I know the basics how ac works but thats it, any suggestions/help much appreciated as its bloody hot here now.

tomw on Wed June 15, 2011 10:44 AM User is offlineView users profile

Increase air flow over the condenser by adding some after market fans. Tint the windows. Rig up a 'mist' system that lets you spray water on the condenser when necessary to absorb some of the heat by evaporation.
The only other alternatives are a larger condenser, and likely compressor and evaporator. In short, you need more capacity. Increasing air flow over the condenser will increase the volume of air that is absorbing the heat you are trying to dump. That in effect makes it equivalent to a somewhat larger condenser. Misting will absorb the heat of evaporation, but you may end up with 'salt' deposits on the condenser after a while from the natural elements carried by the water.
One other thing that was done before air conditioning was so prevalent was a secondary metal 'roof' fitted over the original with 1/2" ~1.27 cm of air space between the two. This prevented direct radiant energy from hitting the roof, as it hit the 'cover', and air flow dissipated the heat before it could be radiated again into the original 'under' roof. The only real mechanism for heat transfer were the 'legs' that held the upper cover in place. A minimal effect may be garnered by painting the roof a reflective color, white being good.
I have no idea what a Vianos is, but assume it is a van similar to the airport rental car vans that ferry customers from the airport to the rental agency.

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