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2004 excursion- poor cooling

NY450ES on Sat June 11, 2011 7:02 AM User is offline

Year: 2004
Make: ford
Model: excursion
Engine Size: 6.0L
Refrigerant Type: 134
Ambient Temp: 75
Pressure Low: 52
Pressure High: 150

recovered the charge and pulled a deep vacuum. vacuum didn't change after 10 mins. the pump we used isn't mine so i don't know its condition but it did draw down vacuum to 28 on the 134 low side guage. added 4lbs 10oz(what the sticker on the truck said to add) of r134 using a scale. when its 75-80f and the truck is moving the vent temps are at 50f. when we had 90f and higher the vent temps are 64f while moving. if the truck idles when its 90f or higher the vent temps start to rise close to 80f. when i spray the condenser with water the vent temps drop to low 60's and the a/c clutch is engaged and stays engaged the whole time. this truck also has a seperate evap for the rear if that makes a difference.

i went back and checked the vacuum pump to see if it really pulled a deep vacuum. i isolated the pump and put a micron guage on pulled down to 340 microns using a new yellow jacket full atmospheric micron guage. is that a deep enough vacuum for these systems? i checked my pump and it pulled down to 20 microns. was thinking of reclaiming 134, checking the orifice tube, changing the reciever/dryer. then pull vacuum with my pump and charge the 134 by weight. any suggestions?

JJM on Sat June 11, 2011 1:06 PM User is offline

A 2004 Ford Excursion??? That vehicle should have been traded in under Obama's cash for clunkers program, and replaced with a nice, eco-friendly, Toyota Prius or something like that. Probably better you don't have A/C, as it might encourge the purchase of a more "socially responsible" vehicle. Actually, A/C is bad for the environment, so the less of it the better. A bicycle might be a better choice.

Hell no!!!!! That would be the response of the San Francisco, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Austin, or other assorted communists crowd. I love those big Ford Exursions!!! It's too bad Ford bowed down to these eco-wennies and discontinued such a fine vehicle. The Excursion is what America is all about: rugged, big, powerful, comfortable, and can take on anything. It's a reminder of days when America was king in the 1950s and possibilities were endless. Today it's all about this stupid saving the planet and doing with less, and iPods, and idiotic technology. Let's see how well technology can pull north of 7,500 pounds, or get through roads that aren't perfectly paved.

In any event, those pressure readings typically indicate a weak compressor, but before condemning the compressor, look at the rear TXV and determine if it's stuck open. First inspect the capillary tube for damage, kinks or being disconnected. Then test it by removing the sensing bulb and alternately immerse in boiling hot water and ice water while checking pressures (you can also blast the TXV head with hot and cold). If no change, the valve is probably stuck open. If the valve was stuck open, check the inlet screen for debris. If there's junk on it, it an indication the compressor might be breaking down - or the accumulator dessicant bag broke.

You should also check for an improperly installed or not tight fitting OT. Check it too for debris, and again, if there's junk on it, it an indication the compressor might be breaking down or the accumulator dessicant bag broke.

In either one of these cases, the system should be flushed, oil added back, and components replaced.

Hopefully your compressor is good and you can get away with just a rear TXV - which you can get from the sponsor site.


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NY450ES on Sat June 18, 2011 7:53 PM User is offline

thanx jjm...where is the OT and rear txv located?

Edited: Sat June 18, 2011 at 7:54 PM by NY450ES

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