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Hi! Glad I found this site.

condor27596 on Tue May 24, 2011 1:37 PM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 87
Make: Honda+
Model: CRX Si
Engine Size: 1.5
Refrigerant Type: R12
Ambient Temp: 100
Pressure Low: 100
Pressure High: 300
Country of Origin: Japan

I'm a newbie here. Glad I found this site. I'm going to look over the old posts this week.

I plan to fix the AC on my 87 CRX this year. The main reason it is broken is because I went to
a shop and had it worked on and he ruined it. (long story, he was recommended turned out he
was a criminal).

My plan is to start with all new pieces except for the hoses and pipes which I can not get. I will
be using R12 I have 9 lbs of Dupont in a can. I am not sure what type of oil to get, or cleaner to clean
out the pipes (yet). I am familiar with the EPA 601 certification but I will prefer to take it to a
certified person that specializes in Honda repair (have already chosen him).

I will do all the work putting it back together and cleaning it and vacuuming it, etc etc, then take it to him
to charge up. I also plan to replace my heater core at the same time, and maybe radiator.

87 CRX Si, bought new, no rice.

mk378 on Tue May 24, 2011 3:10 PM User is offline

The system was designed for "bolt on" installation by a dealer, so the first step (after dealing with any remaining refrigerant) would be to remove all refrigerant-related parts from the car and decide what to keep and what to replace. If a hardening type of sealer was used, even the lines may be beyond saving. The evaporator box is pulled out after removing just the glove compartment. There is no need to take the whole dash out like you would to change the heater core.

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