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Diesel KIKI Compressor

Gerald K4NHN on Mon August 09, 2010 5:11 PM User is offlineView users profile

I have a couple of questions about a Diesel Kiki compressor. This is the one that I've posted about before that has the off set ears for mounting on the 81, 82, & 83 Isuzu diesel Pups.. here is a picture that I've posted before. I'm always doing research trying to find replacements, new, used or rebuilt, but because of the odd mounting they are sort of hard to come by. The information that I've come up with, I think that it's a model DKS-YA made by Diesel Kiki. The Isuzu number on the compressor never crosses to any ones replacement.. The unit that I think I may have located is a Ready-Aire 1516. 1516.jpg.
My concern is the distance that is between the mounting ears. The only information that I got at the local parts house said Mtg, Distance 1.93".. Where is this measurement taken. Also it said Clutch Diameter 5.3"
Is this across the OD of the pulley or across the front plate that energizes. Kiki compressor.jpg
So I'm looking to see it this Ready Aire 1516 is the same as what I have. I heard that Ready Air may not be in bussiness any longer or have changed their name...

Gerald K4NHN
Cayce, SC

dasinc on Mon August 09, 2010 6:45 PM User is offlineView users profile

Sorry to say, manufacturers seem to have differing ideas of what mounting distance is. Generally mounting distance is measuring from the face of the front compressor head (the surface that the magnetic field coil lays) to the center of the clutch pulley. Also, diameter of the clutch is usually the diameter of where the belt actually lays.

Take care,


mk378 on Mon August 09, 2010 8:28 PM User is offline

Like the other guy said, mounting distance is related to the alignment of the belt, the plane of the belt versus the plane of the mounting ears. Clutch diameter is the "effective size" of the pulley, used to compute rpm ratio. So neither one tells you how it will mount to your bracket.

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