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Variable compressor instead of A6/POA?

Squidward on Fri July 16, 2010 1:26 AM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 1967
Make: Pontiac
Country of Origin: United States

After messing around with my daughter's Chevy with a V5 orifice tube system, it got me thinkin' about when I put AC back in my old 67 Firebird.

My initial plans were to remove original POA style evap box, and replace with late 70's F-body CCOT evap/accumulator/hoses and use an A6 controlled by a pressure cycling switch.

Since then, I saw how some more modern systems were plumbed up. I especially liked the idea of the V5 with a fixed OT. V5 means lighter weight & eliminates cycling. I also liked how on newer vehicles the accumulator is tucked away, like in a front fenderwell.

So here's my plan... Use a V5 with v-groove pulley, PF condenser, fixed orifice tube, OEM style evap with fixed orifice tube, and an accumulator tucked away under the passenger front fender for a cleaner engine compartment.

Any thoughts? I understand that I will have to fab some brackets to mound the compressor, but that's not a problem: My dad's a TV repairman. He's got the ultimate set of tools... ;-)

Also, I know that the HPCO switch goes on the hi side, but should I put LPCO protection on the hi side plumbing or low side?

And last question: What would be a good choice for a variable compressor? V5, V7, or other?


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bohica2xo on Fri July 16, 2010 1:48 AM User is offline

A great conversion, with a couple of changes...

The V7 is a better match for the A6 capacity. A 4 ear mount V7 like the 2000 S10 pickup unit can be adapted into the existing A6 bracket with a little work.

Keep the existing OEM & evaporator. Cap or weld shut the bleed line from the evaporator that ran to the POA. The OEM sized TXV was designed for that car & evaporator.

You can stash the receiver / dryer anyplace you like, as long as you can eyeball the sight glass - mirrors are acceptable Mr Spicoli.

An orifice tube would be a huge step backwards. The V7 conversion works out well on old POA cars if you are not going for a 100 point ride.


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