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John Deere Tractor: No Cooling

Buick8 on Wed June 16, 2010 9:19 AM User is offline

Model: 2950
Refrigerant Type: R-134A
Pressure High: -20
Country of Origin: United States

Hi, John Deere 2950 tractor: AC quit cooling. It has R-134A. I connected to the low side, with the compressor on it had a vacuum of about 20 inches; I could not get the quick connect on the manifold gauge set to connect to the high side. I think the expansion valve is clogged up and all the refrigerant is pumped to the high side, and the pressure is so high the quick connect won't latch.
My recommendation: remove all rubber hoses which are deteriorated internally due to age; remove expansion valve; thorough flush; replace with new expansion valve and hoses; replace receiver-dryer (which is on liquid/high side),recharge. What do you think? I am an amateur.

mk378 on Wed June 16, 2010 11:16 AM User is offline

It would be good to get both pressures to be sure it's not actually a severe undercharge. Check the static pressure (system has been off for a while) You're going to need to resolve the coupler situation in order to continue work anyway.

Does sound like a blockage though. Any chance that someone has put sealer in it?

Also when you have the system open it'd be a good opportunity to remove the condenser for a thorough cleaning of the air side, also clean the radiator and oil cooler. Farm equipment of course gets rapidly choked with dust and that will really impair A/C performance.

Edited: Wed June 16, 2010 at 11:22 AM by mk378

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