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New member from accross the pond

Toomanytoys on Sun September 23, 2007 7:32 AM User is offline

Found this site by accident.. but hope I can learn a lot on here...

QUick outline of me and what I am after..

English, living in central france, working all over Europe in the pharmaceutical industry (tryin to escape)
Always had a big passion for automotive/mechanical things.

Mainly into older VW/AUdi vehicles...
1983 VW Caravelle (Vanagon) 8 seat, have 2 complete ac systems I want to make a good one from to fit to this..
1992 VW Transporter double cab Syncro (4wd,"vanagon" shape, couple of vids on youtube under "toomanytoys") I found a used aftermarket kit I want to fit in this too.. (may change the plan there)
1988 Audi 100 Avant (5000), no AC and no idea if I could or even want to fit ac (might be purchasing a newer car!!)

I have 3 sanderson AC compressors, but all have been badly stored (not by me, dirty but not wet) and so are prob contaminated.. they were all "working" when removed so rebiuld kits are required
Alternativly I could use the "universal" compressor... and for the doka use a new universal evap unit.. seems liek a good option to me..
Condensers would have to be the same as oe, fitted in front of the Rad.. yet to source them though!!

So I shall do some reading and hopefully see what I can find...

Wet in Washington on Sun September 23, 2007 6:27 PM User is offline

Welcome Si, you've come to the right spot for A/C questions. The vast knowledge that the senior members have here is awesome. Any time I have questions, this is the place. Also A/C Kits is the place to get parts, they sell nothing but top quality parts at a very reasonable price.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

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