2012 elantra

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2012 elantra

Postby bvanpraet » Sat May 05, 2018 8:13 pm

I have a 2012 elantra, my wife told me this week the blower is not blowing cold air. Finally got around to checking it today,

After a little bit of troubleshooting i found the issue to be at the compressor. No voltage was being sent to the compressor. Checked fuses anything that said a/c, all were okay under the hood and in cab compartment. Checked clutch with a variable power supply, clutch fired!

Next, i started vehicle and ran a/c on max, wondering if there was maybe a freon leak or an evap issue and maybe my ecg was telling my clutch not to engage because of this. So i engaged my clutch manually, and was blowing ice cold air almost instantly, ran it for 4-5 minutes, no issues what so ever! My wife had been trying to run the a/c all week.

Any ideas what could be telling my clutch not to engage? Im guessing i have a faulty sensor some-where. Really dont want to take it to dealership.

Im leaning towards an evap sensor, with the temp control to max a/c i get warm air 32C, if i come off max cold i get hot air. when i manually engaded clutch i think i got like some 12-13degrees.


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