readings and what may be wrong?

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readings and what may be wrong?

Postby marcpilot1 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:27 am

Hi. I have new compressor, expansion valve, receiver drier, couple lines, and the air is cold, but not as cold as it's supposed to be. It should be colder. Its not warm or room temp or nothing, but not as cold as it should be.

With engine running, warm, at idle, ambient around 88-90, the gauges read- LO 45-50psi,
HI 275-300psi.

One thing I should probably note is- I connected a multi-meter to 1 of the 3 pressure transducers wires. (Transducer on HI side line)
On this car, the trans' wires are blue, black and purple/white.
Black is ground(good ground) Purple/white is power. (4.9 to 5v) Blue shows different voltage readings during checks with gauges. It can go from 2.3v with fan on, up to 2.7v when fan stops. Back down to 2.3 when fan kicks back on, etc, etc, etc. All while checking readings with gauges, in idle.

After all the new components were installed, I ran a vac for 2 hours. Then bought an 18oz can of the expensive Freon, from Wally World.
While adding then Freon, the pressure rose, so the voltage rose as well. I'm sure you know all this, just saying. So I start adding, it goes from 0v before starting, to about 2.7v when the 18oz can had finished being added.

So, fan NOT on, multi-meter sits at 2.7v, and: LO side, 45 - 50psi
HI side, 275 - 300psi
Fan kicks on, multi steadily drops to 2.3v, and: LO side, 40 -45psi
HI side, 240 - 250psi

Seem right? It's 2000 conv. 2.5L. 6cyl. The new compressor seems like a good one(compared to some garbage ones I've bought) It was from Global Parts or something like that. On Amazon. Model #6511562 Not your typical looking rebuilt compressor(hasn't been spray painted, pulley and all like I've seen other remans) Along with new filter/drier and TVX, only thing a year old is the condenser.(bought brand new, but maybe not the very best) Condenser was about 80 or 90 bucks a year ago.

I did seem to "think" I noticed the short, hi side line, from condenser to receiver/drier, wasn't quite as hot, maybe, but it's a big maybe, because I could've dreamt it up just TRYING to find something! And, if it isn't as hot to the touch on that little line as it is to the touch everywhere else on any hi sides lines, it's def not much. At ALL.
Low side line is sweating, seems fairly cold. The blend doors work good, temp knob in vehicle at control panel is working right.

The link to the actual compressors is- ... Compressor

I def appreciate any help, thoughts or guidance, and maybe what I might should check or do from here. Thx!
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Re: readings and what may be wrong?

Postby Dougflas » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:10 am

And mat we ask the model of the vehicle? Refrigerant should be added as to proper amount by weight; not by measuring voltages at transducers.
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Re: readings and what may be wrong?

Postby marcpilot1 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:59 pm

Oh! Sorry, where it was written- *Seem right? It's a 2000 conv. 2.5L. 6cyl.* it shouldve actually read- *Seem right? It's a 2000 conv. 6cyl, "sebring". See, the word "sebring" got left off somehow, woops. Sorry to confuse matters so deeply. My bad.

But I got it now. I actually got lucky too! It was the 1st thing I checked!

Btw, that was the "detail" that was preventing you from forming an opinion or a shot at an answer to the question?
I actually assumed this reply was for some different thread, with a different topic, question, details, title, etc, because it had nothing to do with this thread, or the topic, the title, the details, the actual question. Then I realized, the question, topic, title, details, information, well, it might have been comprehended wrong. For whatever reason, I realized it was probably not comprehended, but whatcha gonna do? It's not like comprehension is a free. Cant just roll on down to the local walmart and buy some either, right? But yea, I thought the reply had might've gotten here on accident since it didn't pertain to anything to do with the question, topic, title, details, information and core, body or essence of the actual thread, topic, title, details, information and most importantly, the "question", which was like the very 1st thing one would see prior to reading the thread. I think the question is actually practically in the title, or "subject", at the very top of the entire thread.

Ehh, probably doesnt matter since already got it taken care of, and quickly, as I said, with the 1st thing looked at. Got lucky today! Thanks though, I know this, if I do ever ask a question or post a thread that has anything to do with how to load freon or gauge how much refrigerant is in a car, I will already have my answer to it. S, really, thanks for that. Much appreciation, experienced, knowledgeable, professional.

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