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A/C problem 93 honda

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:47 am
by anya2dgre
I have a 93 Honda civic. Where I live is close to the equator so its hot most of the day. Only when it rains my ac would work. So I changed the evaporator. After the change I vacuumed and regased the system.I noticed that whenever the compressor switches off it only stops for a few seconds and starts up again. While driving in the sun the ac is not getting cold. I re gased the system and vacuum tested myself. The psi on the low side was reading about 25.I used a gauge where I could of only gotten to use the low side port. The gauge would not fit the high sidee so didn't get a reading. Does any one know what happened there? I also noticed a drastic drop in the power of the car.