Onion Skin, failed liquid line

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Onion Skin, failed liquid line

Postby surfride » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:58 am

I have no one to blame, I created a mess. On my gas Class-A 05 Motorhome Workhorse Chassis (40k miles) I decided to clean and paint part of the engine air intake. Replacing this piece I pushed the liquid line from the dryer to the evaporator against the frame and it rubbed through; mybad. I was parked at idle and heard hissing, opened the hood and saw the lime green goo and shutoff the AC. I was able to rinse the green stuff away with plain water and found very little oil residue. Luckily, I found a new liquid hose (denso) and dryer (gm) and they are on the way. The system has no pressure at this time. See pics for damage to line, where is rubbed through.

A local shop is telling me the entire system must be disassembled, including removing the compressor because there is no way to know how much oil was lost when the liquid line vented. OMG, thats a big, knuckle bleeding job getting the compressor out.

What should I do? My options seem to be:

#1 Put 2oz of PAG oil and die into the new dryer, vacuum and recharge 2# as per the spec from Evans.

#2 Pull the compressor remove oil, add to spec, new o-rings. Flush the condenser and evaporator, with some sort of solvent, put back together and vacuum and recharge.

Please comment!


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Re: Onion Skin, failed liquid line

Postby Tim » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:54 am

All depends on guessing how much oil was lost. I would add 3 ounces bad to the system. I would not pull the entire system apart in this case.
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