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Freon/oil leaked out o-rings at back of compressor

BG1 on Thu June 24, 2010 5:45 PM User is offline

Year: 1990
Make: Chevy
Model: 1/2 ton pick-up
Engine Size: 5.7
Refrigerant Type: R134
Country of Origin: United States

On my 1990 Chevy truck the AC was converted to R134 about 6 years ago and I did have to add some freon about 2 years ago. This past winter the temp went down to about 7 degrees and my truck was outside and I noticed a small spot on the drive way and it was freon/oil and it appeared that it was coming from the connection at the rear of the compressor. It leaked out most of the freon/oil and will not turn on unless I put a jumper on the compressor. It worked good back before the cold weather. Can I just disconnect the compressor, install new o-rings, draw a vacuum and install more freon? Seeing that I do not know how much oil the compressor has in it could I drain the oil and add back the correct amount? Thanks, BG

newton5 on Sun June 27, 2010 1:54 AM User is offlineView users profile

The short answer is Yes. You can do that.
There's no way to tell how much oil has escaped, however.
I would add 2 oz of BVA-100 Ester oil into the vacuum as a safety measure. That's assuming Ester oil was used for the R134a conversion.
If PAG-xxx oil was used, you would need to add 2oz of that oil. PAG oil is available in 3 viscosities that I know of, 46, 100 and 150. PAG-100 is common for GM systems.

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