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Backwards Conversion?? R134a -> R12

djmcdpk on Thu September 24, 2009 7:53 PM User is offline

Year: 1988
Make: Chev
Model: Silverado C2500
Engine Size: 350

I spoke with a professional AC shop today regarding my 88 Chev AC. I have attempted a R134a conversion with parts from Pepboys ect. I did end up with a leaking O-ring and decided to spend the coin and have a real AC shop replace my O-rings all around and recharge. However, when I spoke with the shop owner, in business since 1980s, he said that I totally screwed my self by using a off the shelf kit and not doing a proper evac, ect. He said the continued conversion to 134a would be fairly expensive and might to work correctly since the 134a atoms are smaller and can leak easier from the system. He also said that a reverse conversion back to R-12 would be impossible since the oils were mixed from the 134a and it would not be able to reverse my home made conversion.

Personally I would like to see the truck converted to 134a, since R-12 is no longer available easily and the prices will continue to increase. He mentioned my need for a high pressure sensor, and new o-rings. I agree with the 0-rings, but would like to get the professional opinion here at the forum.

My questions:

Can my already partially converted system be returned to R-12?
Would I need to replace my compressor and drier for 134a?? I have seen many differing opinions online



TXAB on Thu September 24, 2009 10:31 PM User is offline

1. Yes
2. No on compressor. Yes on the drier/accum.

You can go either way. The system will need to be properly flushed no matter what you do. A new drier/accumulator will be needed. The old oil can be flushed from the compressor by using the proper oil for you refrigerant. Replace your o-rings. You will get better performance if you upgrade your condenser for using 134a. You will need a high pressure switch for the conversion.

Others will chime in here to help you with more info

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