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How to use Flush Gun kits?

go100map on Wed August 05, 2009 3:04 AM User is offline

I got one flush gun kits from autozone, but I don't know how to use it .

I try to pressurize the can with a compressor whose maximum psi is 100, it is ok to pressurize that can ?

Thanks a lot for your help

HECAT on Wed August 05, 2009 6:47 AM User is offline

The 1 qt flush gun (if this is what your have) is a you-fill aerosol can. so yes, you will need to charge it up. The instructions are usually printed on the side of the unit, or you should be able to get that info from the vendor. IMHO, If you have a contamination issue, this "poof" can is not going to be the answer.


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iceman2555 on Wed August 05, 2009 8:42 AM User is offlineView users profile

Since this 'flush' gun was purchased at AZ.....did you also purchase their flush also.......yeah gads, one would hope not!!!!
Agreement with hecat concerning this method of flushing a system. It may work with most evaporators, but it fall very short on the ability to properly flush a modern condenser. The flow characteristics of the new condensers are rapidly making this piece of equipment obsolete. These units simply will not supply a sufficient volume of flush chemicals. The new condensers are impossible to flush in the direction of flow. The problem with a reverse flow method is that this procedure simply does not produce sufficient volume of chemical to adequately clean the condenser.
For example a late model Honda condenser has 13 tubes in the inlet (discharge) section of the condenser. This is the primary location for debris accumulations. The outlet (liquid) section of the condenser encompasses only 5 tubes. Total volume of the inlet side of the condenser is app. 4.095 sq. in. The outlet side of the condenser volume is app. 1.575 From this one is able to see that there is very little chance of producing sufficient flow volume to adequately clean the inlet side from a reverse flow patten. Combine this with the possibility that this may be a sub-cooling condenser unit that also includes the RD (now called a modulator), the possibility of cleaning without the use of specialized equipment is a study in futility.
If the vehicle has suffered a catastrophic compressor failure and one does not have a closed-loop flush machine, it is recommended to replace the condenser.

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