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Watch out for this supplier

pippo on Fri May 08, 2009 2:38 PM User is offline

Thought I would explain what happened with this one supplier ( bought a condenser from......

First, I asked for beadlock fittings with old fashioned barbs on the other end, and they said they had them. Their condenser was a whopping $50-6- more than AC Kits, but since Kits said they could not find what I was looking for, I figured it was worth paying more. I really wanted to but from Kits, since they sponsor this site, of course. AND they are very professional.

So, I get the part with NO barbs, which I understood I would get. Great!! I call them and the girl said she would inquire (seemed that there was always some wizard behind the curtain I could not speak to....), and let me know. Meanwhile, I was kinda stuck.....Time was running out, so I spent an extra $30 for a shop to weld barbs on. So far Im out about $80 extra for "barbs". Oh, another thing, She said the VISA receipt would be included in such thing. I requested AGAIN for my VISA transaction receipt, so far, nothing.

I figured I would tell my story......Its no big disaster, just lousy customer service/excuses/overpriced stuff kinda thing so maybe guys here will not fall in the trap I falled into.

PS barbs working reeeeeeeeal fine.........

beware of the arrival

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