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Replacing TV14C clutch? ('93 Miata)

Narcoleptic on Sun March 01, 2009 11:09 AM User is offline

Year: 1993
Make: Mazda
Model: Miata
Engine Size: 1.6L
Refrigerant Type: R-12
Country of Origin: United States

I have a '93 Mazda Miata that has a compressor that is not engaging. I believe I have narrowed it down to the compressor clutch itself. Only problem is how to swap the clutch out. From pictures of the clutch it looks like it may be a press fit or something like that, will I need special tools?

mk378 on Sun March 01, 2009 12:42 PM User is offline

It may just be that the clutch gap is too wide due to some wear of the clutch plate and pulley. If the coil is receiving power and is not open circuit, you should be able to adjust the clutch and make it work. To test this energize the clutch and press the plate down and it should snap on and stay on. Much safer to do this with the engine off, but it can be done with the engine on by hitting the plate with a tool while having full respect for all moving parts.

Most Japanese compressors you'd simply remove the center shaft nut and the plate slides off (it is splined to the shaft). There are shim washers on the shaft under the plate. Remove some shims and reassemble.

You should take the belt off and spin the pulley by hand when doing this to check that it is not going to drag. Gap should be about .010 to .020 inches at the most, but when the parts are worn unevenly it is hard to measure. Just set it as close as it can get without dragging or rattling.

Narcoleptic on Fri March 06, 2009 9:02 PM User is offline

I didn't think about the clutch gap wearing over time, that is a great idea. I'll try that and see. Thanks!

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