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Water test Method for Testing Clutch Fan ?

y2k600f4 on Mon September 08, 2008 10:59 AM User is offline

With a vehicle running at 1500 rpms and I spray water on the condenser, how much drop in high side pressure should I expect to see if a clutch fan is operating correctly ? Thanks.

HECAT on Mon September 08, 2008 1:44 PM User is offline

Unfortunately too many variable exist for this to be explained understood as simple cut and dry figures. Different component designs, ambient temps, amount of water applied, etc; if you do it consistently with many cars you will be able to find that one that the high side plummets. The most obvious sign that air flow is an issue would be if it cools much better when moving that when stopped. Again this is subjective because they all will cool better, but a significant difference would make me replace the clutch fan. Junk in between the condenser and radiator and in between the fins will also slow air flow. Clean all the debris and as far as the clutch goes, its fairly inexpensive and easy to change; so when in doubt, pull it out.


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y2k600f4 on Mon September 08, 2008 2:33 PM User is offline

Thanks for the explanation HECAT. I kind of figured this method was not cut and dry. I am guessing my clutch fan is fine. I have consitent engine temp of 180F at idle and highway speeds and A/C vent temps slightly improves while moving, as expected. Nothing drastic. I guess I could pick up one of those photocell Tachometers if I really wanted to make sure the clutch fan was operating correctly. Thanks again.

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