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Dodge Dakota Compressor Oil Capacity

gbchriste on Thu August 07, 2008 11:07 AM User is offline

Year: 2000
Make: Dodge
Model: Dakota
Engine Size: 3.9L
Refrigerant Type: 134a
Country of Origin: United States

I am replacing the compressor in my 2000 Dodge Dakota. I have had the system drained and flushed by a local AC service shop. The original compressor is a Sanden. There a couple of different model numbers stamped on it. There is a model number 4605 stamped in the metal casing. There is also a metalic tag attached to the casing that says Model No. 4774. I have searched on-line and seen 4605 equated to Sanden model SD7H15. Model 4774 doesn't turn up anything.

The metalic tag that bears the seemingly non-existant 4774 model number also states oil capacity as 240cc, which is a hair over 8 ozs. However, the NAPA charts available on this site, and the Chrysler official service manual says the AC system oil capacity is 6 ozs.

The replacement compressor is visually and physically identical to the OEM part but does not have any Sanden manufacture or model information on it. It looks like it is perhaps a third-party copy. It was purchased here:

It did not come with any tech information on oil capacity. Just a note that says to consult the OEM specifications for proper fill capacity.

I am thoroughly confused by these conflicting model numbers and capacity figures. Additionally, although I am also replacing the accumulator and orfice, and know that the condensor has been flushed, I don't know if the evaporator has been flushed or not and whether there is any residual oil in the evaporator that must be accounted for when refilling the system. I am going to check back with the garage that drained and flushed the system on that.

Once all the parts are replaced, it will go back to the shop to be evacuated, charged and leak checked.

Would appreciate anyone helping me decipher the oil requirements for this job. Is the 240cc (8 oz) capacity marked on the old compressor the absolute max for this compressor but the acdtual system capacity may vary to a lower amount according to the vehicle application?

Help please...


Chick on Thu August 07, 2008 4:22 PM User is offlineView users profile

8 ounces system capacity for the system if it was flushed and the accumulator changed..You could have bought the compressor right here at this forums sponsor and one phone call to them would have given you all the technical advice you wanted, not to mention this forum.. hope this helps..
Add a few ounces to the compressor, rest to the accumulator and recharge into a deep vacuum the system weight which should also be on a tag under the hood...Good luck

Just to add, use PAG 100, double end capped oil preferred, and NaPa shows 6 ounce for that system, "but" if you have a tag anywhere on the truck that says 8 ounces, use 8 ounces.. Always go by the OEM tags...Hope this helps..

You can check the FAQ and tips page of this forum for the system capacities.. etc..

Email: Chick


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Edited: Thu August 07, 2008 at 4:30 PM by Chick

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