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'97 Caddy Seville

infj on Sat July 05, 2008 1:04 PM User is offline

Year: 1997
Make: Cadillac
Model: Seville
Engine Size: 4.6
Refrigerant Type: 134a
Ambient Temp: 87
Pressure Low: 36
Pressure High: 240

Greetings all!

1997 Caddy Seville, 198K miles

Low side very gradually would swing within the 36 to 40 range.
High side generally stayed around 240, but would gradually move within the 230 to 250 range. Once I noticed it swing fairly quickly (over about 6 seconds) between 260 and 200 before settling around 250.

Ambient 87. Ambient measured in front of condenser at start of test, 91.
Center air vent, with system on full cool with windows open, 56.
Radiator and condenser fans spinning full time.

As far as I recall, this system has never been serviced.

On warm/hot days, occasionally system will blow hot at idle or start up. Punching the accelerator will bring the system back to life.

A complication: this test took about 15-20 minutes. I noticed that the high side gauge valve (part of the gauge set, not the car) was leaking. Before I noticed and shut down the system, I estimate I lost 2-3 oz of greenish oil.

Thoughts? Concerns? Recommendations?

Thanks to all!

TRB on Sat July 05, 2008 4:24 PM User is offlineView users profile

Pressures are a little high. Check for proper air flow across the condenser and that the fans are working correctly. Pressures are close so you may just need to clean the condenser if it has some bugs and debris blocking air flow.


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