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Help with a customers Dodge PU.

chris142 on Thu June 26, 2008 9:33 PM User is offline

Year: 2003
Make: dodge
Model: 3500
Engine Size: 5.9 Cumm
Refrigerant Type: 134
Ambient Temp: 90F
Pressure Low: 9
Pressure High: 150
Country of Origin: United States

Hey guys help me with this one. Customer came in with a "Not quite cold enough" complaint.

The truck is an 03 Dodge 1-ton Dully with a Cummins Diesel bulit 06-03.

I removed the charge. It showed to be 7oz over charged.

I evacuated it and charged it with the Proper charge which on the sticker is 1lb 14oz which is pretty common for these trucks.

Not cold. No cold line back to the compressor. Infact the Accumulater is not even cold but the line where the Orifice tube is is cold right after the tube.

Sounds low so I began adding refrigerant to see what happens. I'm up to 2 lbs 10oz and it's working well!

Low side is 30 and the high side 250.

Why is the charge to get it working so much over the factory spec? It does not have a rear unit.

TRB on Thu June 26, 2008 9:45 PM User is offlineView users profile

The 30/250 is right on the money with what Mitchell states is correct at your listed ambient. Mitchell also lists the refrigerant capacity at 26 ounces.


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