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compressor change blcak death

scrootles on Fri June 20, 2008 4:43 AM User is offline

Year: 1992
Make: isuzu
Model: trooper
Engine Size: 2.8
Refrigerant Type: r12 - r401
Country of Origin: Spain

Hi there, i'm nearly a total novice when it comes to ac but do some work wwith a friend installing domestic units. My ac system got a dose of the black death which mainly manifested at the txv. I have installed a new Sanden 507 compressor and changed the oil for the approved one. The system previously used R12 but i have been told that R401 is a direct replacement for this gas, i notice on this forum that R134 is the gas that is usually used when changing gas with modifications to collector etc. I'm not expecting miracles but would be overjoyed if i could get the cab temperature to even be 1 degree c lower than the outside temp. My friend recharged the system but we are now getting very strange readings high side zero low side 8 bar. Once we took the readings we disconnected the system ie disconnected the power to the compressor to prevent any damage. I'm sure i will be told that many of the system components will need to be changed which is ok if only i could identify them. The collector/drier has no markings and the txv is the same, i've looked on the AMA site where some of the parts look similar but i don't really want to take too much of a gamble on parts, especially when shipping to Spain is so expensive, without asking for some advice first.

mk378 on Fri June 20, 2008 1:58 PM User is offline

What kind of oil did you use? I would suggest ester (POE) oil and charge with pure R-134a. PAG type oil must not be used with any refrigerant containing chlorine compounds, such as R-401. Other than oil compatibility there's not a compelling reason to use R-401 instead of R-134a.

Probably your TXV, receiver drier, and/or condenser are clogged up. Recover the refrigerant and take the system apart and see what you have. The receiver drier must be replaced in any case. The TXV is almost always replaced if it is dirty since very small amounts of dirt will stop it from working. Any parts which aren't replaced must be thoroughly flushed after an internal compressor failure.

On a vehicle with an engine-driven condenser fan, the hydrostatic fan clutch is a critical part to get good performance. They get worn out and then though seeming to still "work", don't spin the fan as fast as they should.

scrootles on Fri June 20, 2008 3:05 PM User is offline

Thanks for that. When i have time i will investigate further by removing TXV, drier etc and then look for replacement parts. I will let you know how i get on.

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