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Correct method of charging first can of R134a (UV die added)

y2k600f4 on Thu June 12, 2008 2:37 PM User is offline

I know that you must charge as a gas on the low side for safety. On a system which a vacuum has recently been pulled the first can should added with the car/compressor off and should easily enter the system.

However, if the first can is R134a with UV die the instructions on the can say to charge as a liquid . I have read several posts regarding this on this board and was wondering which is correct ?? I would like to first add (1) can with UV die and then check connections with a UV light before completely charging the system.

Anyway is all of the following correct ??

1. Ok to charge first can as a liquid with car off (keys in pocket) on high side.
2. Alternative to #1 if car has lowside port on accumulator that first can with engine off can be added as liquid on low side. However if low side port is near compressor their is a risk of damaging compressor with liquid ?

Thanks for the clarification.

mk378 on Thu June 12, 2008 2:44 PM User is offline

1. Yes. Starting from vacuum it should suck it all in very quickly. Shake up the can before inverting it to get the dye moving off of the bottom. Dumping liquid into the high side is the recommended procedure also when the first can is plain R-134a instead of with dye. Try the second can that way too. After it stops going in and you need to run the compressor, be absolutely sure the valve on the manifold is closed before starting the engine.
2. You can put liquid in the low side too as long as the engine is off.

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