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LOW pressures but good vent temps

vdubspeed on Mon May 05, 2008 9:41 PM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 79
Make: VW
Model: Rabbit C
Engine Size: 1.8
Refrigerant Type: 134a
Ambient Temp: 75
Pressure Low: 8
Pressure High: 125

So tonight I injected some dye into the system plus bypassed my heatercore which helped tremendously with my vent temps. My center vent used to read 20-40 degrees higher is now my coldest vent. pressures are VERY low like the above says but the vent temps are all in the low to mid 40's while cruising. The compressor will cycle on and off to while driving but not while idling.

there is also frost on the low side line half way into the engine bay.

Things "seem" to be making a turn for the better but the low pressure readings bother me and I'm curious to see how it does in the heat of the day tomorrow.

Thanks all,



mk378 on Mon May 05, 2008 9:52 PM User is offline

It seems normal. Low ambient, low fan speed inside, revving the engine can drop the low side quite a bit on a TXV system.

Really need to give it a more demanding test in hot weather.

vdubspeed on Tue May 06, 2008 3:01 PM User is offlineView users profile

well today in the middle of the day with 100% sunshine, 85 ambient, and nontint 1979 glass...I was getting low to mid 40 degree vent temps while cruising. The compressor cycled on a few times and then it stayed on constantly.

I think I'm a little overfilled to be honest.

I wish their were a more economical way of measuring your own freon.

In any was the first time ever I was able to roll the windows up and enjoy some a/c!

Big thanks to everyone and ackits for all the help!,




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