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Sanden sd 510

Jerryb on Mon March 31, 2008 6:58 PM User is offline

Year: 1984
Make: Chevy
Model: p30
Engine Size: 454

1st I would like to say thanks to Tim and all who contribute to this site, I found you about a week ago and have spent most of my time reading the "Procedures & Tips page" Great info! At least now I think I have learned a few terms, Thanks!

But here's my deal, The ole fishing machine/ toaster/ bread box: 84 454 22' Winnebago on a p30 with 120k needed an urgent valve job so I tore into it all and now I'd like the ac to work, what should I do? I read somewhere that the Sanden sd510 dose not respond well to the 134a, is this true?

Background: I bought the breadbox / toaster about 6 years ago and the ac has never really worked, last year or longer, ha,ha, a buddy and I who also I now realize doesn't know much, (anything) about ac put a couple of cans of 134a and oil in it. That wasn't a good idea opps... It didn't do much. No surprise hu?

Everything but the evaporator and the hoses going to it have been removed. The compressor turns freely and I poured out all of the remaining oil, I know I need an o ring set, an accumulator, possibly a expansion valve, help me out with that one not sure. I need part #'s advice anything ect. I also need a bracket for the compressor.

I would really like this thing to cool, It seems with a motorhome there is so much area to cool/heat they always get hot as he%$ in the summer and you freeze in the winter.
Thanks to all, Jerry

TRB on Tue April 01, 2008 5:30 PM User is offlineView users profile

We can most likely help with a compressor mount for a Seletc HD compressor. No longer any listings on the accumulator and EXP valve. Should be the same as many others if I had it to compare.


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ice-n-tropics on Wed April 02, 2008 9:33 AM User is offline

SD-510 fails with R-134a because:
1) If top of pistons push against 400 + psi the counter force cracks the aluminum front housing.
2) As with many comps, the NBR elastomers only last a finite (1 to 2 year) time.
The Seltec TM 16 or SD7H15 will substitute for the SD510.
Old IV guy

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Jerryb on Wed April 02, 2008 9:57 PM User is offline

New compressor hu.. Well that doesn't sound good. I'm probably better off with a new compressor rather than charging the 510 with R12, yes?

Here are a couple of pictures of the bracket and 1 of the accumulator.

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