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What's a Denso Ejector?

NickD on Sun February 10, 2008 9:15 AM User is offline

Certainly something that doesn't make you fly through the roof in case of a crash, from Automotive Engineering.

Haven't really figured it out yet, something to talk about during these cold months.

AE also had an article that the public demands such things as touch screens and membrane switches on the dash in lieu of knobs. Not this public, when driving on a bumpy road, can't even tune my son's aftermarket car radio with the touch switches so close together and arm bouncing up and down, have to stop first to change the station. Give me a knob to hang unto and also a screen I can see during the daytime, still drive when the sun is out.

I do like paying for 400 bucks for a 50 cent fuel pump that I have to drop the gas tank for, don't change that. And please keep flashram, like running to my dealer everytime I get an electrical glitch. And AC systems that leak.

Wonder what public they are talking about?

Oh, and rather have a hot cup of coffee rather than a cold beer when driving, but that is just me. Ha, talking about coffee, had some and realized there is two pages to this article.

Edited: Sun February 10, 2008 at 11:35 AM by NickD

bohica2xo on Sun February 10, 2008 10:18 AM User is offline

Actually a novel approach to the issue of running parallel evaporators, and what to do with the suction side.

I doubt however that there will be anything "low cost" about this system, even though the article says so...

A few years ago I was discussing running a cooled box in parallel with the cabin evaporator, and Detroit AC thought the "fixed squeezing valve" was a terrible idea. Perhaps the ejector pump makes it a good one. The semi-series arrangement with the ejector pump would keep the smaller evaporator from pooling or slugging the system at least.


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